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This eco-friendly service goes by several names. You may have heard of junk crushing, dumpster compacting or trash smashing—all of these come down to a simple, money-saving, sustainable service, in which the contents of your dumpster are compacted with the use of heavy equipment. 

Dumpster crushing is a mobile service that brings a dumpster grinder or trash crusher to your site. Using an industrial-strength roller, the service will shred and compact the contents of your container. Even sturdy content like furniture and pallets can be greatly reduced in size. 

A dumpster compactor saves money by improving efficiency. Once your waste has been crushed, you’ll have up to 75% more room to add waste. This means more content-per-container and fewer trips to the landfill site. 

Dumpster crushing saves money by reducing downtime on job sites, removing tedious jobs from employees, reduced dumpster fees and hauling costs. As the savings add up, you will be grateful to have a reliable dumpster crusher as part of your service team. 

A waste management plan that includes dumpster crushing is environmentally friendly for a few reasons. First, it requires fewer trips to the landfill site, which means less diesel burned, lower CO2 emissions and a smaller carbon footprint. 

Second, when garbage is crushed, it becomes condensed, with a lower risk that plastic and other debris will blow away. Blowing plastic not only creates an eye sore but also gets caught in trees, streams and waterways, putting local wildlife at risk.

Industries that use dumpsters to remove waste can benefit from dumpster compacting, especially those with a high waste volume. Progressive business leaders in manufacturing, distribution, home builders, commercial construction and more have turned to dumpster crushing to improve their efficiency. 

In addition, any business that prides itself on sustainability will benefit from garbage-crushing services. Green builders, recycling centres, government properties and more will appreciate the waste efficiency and the reduced carbon footprint of dumpster crushing services.

The amount you save through dumpster crushing will depend on several variables, including your existing costs, the number of dumpsters you fill each month and the nature of the material you are crushing. Cardboard and yard waste, for example, compact much farther than construction materials or furniture, changing the amount of free space you will create. 

Generally, when you switch to dumpster crushing, you can expect to reduce your hauls to the landfill in half. This amounts to real savings through operational efficiencies. For an estimate of the savings you can expect, given your industry and waste patterns, contact us.

It’s as easy as giving us a call at 248-252-7087, and provide us some basic information. Please provide name of person who hires the rentals, and is most familiar with the process and costs associated with your service.

This answer varies, but you are paying to dump a full dumpster by weight. Typically you are only able to fill the dumpster to less than 1/2 its capacity, because of the bulk of the items. We give you more space in your roll off by smashing the contents. So if you were getting a haul when its full to the top, now you can hire our service and save by not paying for the haul and replacement of a fractionally full roll off.

We service rented roll offs with High sides. Typically 30 and 40 yard

We will take before and after pictures of every crush so if issues come up we can easily inspect the footage, and address the situation. The roller is equipped with side guards and there is no downward hydraulic pressure, so these occurrences are rare. In the construction business the use of excavators, and forked vehicles is common. This is known to damage rails, and be a messy and time consuming option which doesn’t really get results. It is usually just to get the roll off removed

We allow for about 5-10 minutes, for a typical 30 or 40 yard. We do recommend up to returning up to 3 times for maximum capacity, and a debris free haul off.

No we provide the roller service only. If additional clean up services are needed we can make those types of agreements. If you are looking for a new provider, ask us we can help.

A contract isn’t necessary for our services. But again if you have multiple containers, and or need frequent or even daily service, we can make arrangements for seamless and convenient interaction.

Truth is they will probably tell you that you cant crush because the roller will do damage. But what you do with your solid waste while its on your property is up to you. Compacting bulky waste isn’t new. You see many large compactors. Our results are the same, but cost much less, are more reliable and you dont have to worry about constant servicing of the closed top compactor

The answer is that if you have a roll off rented, we can help. Our service area is Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties. No combustibles or heavy metals. Our machine can handle smaller amounts of masonry waste

Everyone is talking about “SUSTAINABILITY, and reducing CO2 foot print. Our service is a great opportunity to add to your company platform, or even make it the start of one.


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