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Why Pay For Wasted Space?

In a traditional waste system, business owners pay for garbage to be hauled away in dumpsters, which are often filled with excess empty space. Dumpster crushing makes this process more efficient, saving you time and money while reducing your impact on the environment. 

Dumpster crushing uses heavy equipment to reduce the size of your garbage, boxes, site waste and other debris. The more you can fit into each dumpster, the lower your container and transport costs and the fewer times you’ll need to have them hauled away. 

In short, hiring a mobile dumpster crushing service allows you to maximize your waste efficiency with a convenient, on-site service. Just one smash of your container can increase its capacity by up to 65%. 

A win for the planet

Let’s face it—not all business solutions are good for the environment. Thankfully, dumpster crushing is a proactive step that can be taken by any business that aims to reduce its carbon footprint.

Dumpster crushing effectively:

  • reduces the amount of diesel fuel used in trips to the landfill 
  • lowers CO2 emissions
  • reduces pollution from blow-away plastic and debris
  • maximizes the efficiency of waste management

Whether you are a green builder or an office manager, if sustainability is part of your business model, make sure you explore the benefits of trash compacting. Using the services of a mobile dumpster crusher can help you demonstrate your commitment to green solutions.


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Watch our crusher drum in action on a dumpster full of metal trash.

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Our crusher drum pulls pallets under the drum, crushing and shredding them in the process.

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Our bidirectional drum uses 3 tons of force to crush almost any type of trash.

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