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Mobile Dumpster Crusher (MDC) came into existence when we met a client at their construction site where they were using 16 40 yard dumpsters. What struck us was the process they were using to get more dumpster space. The need was evident for a better more efficient method for compacting their dumpsters instead of fork trucks and excavators.

That’s when we saw the opportunity to provide a dumpster trash compacting service that not only saves our customers money by compacting their dumpster trash but also has a positive impact on the environment.

After deciding to start our business we researched our options for dumpster compacting equipment and chose the 6000-pound roller system, produced in Europe, which is known as the safest and most efficient dumpster crushing/compacting equipment available.

Our team of service professionals, combined with this world-class technology, can yield up to 65% more capacity for your dumpsters, improving sustainability, reducing your carbon footprint, and keeping your property free of overflowing debris.

Our goal is to deliver exceptional value to our customers – not only in the form of significant cost savings but also through the environmentally conscious benefits our service offers.  By working together we can be more fuel efficient, see less highway litter, and extend life to our local landfills. 

The dumpster crushing service is already popular in Europe and Canada and many parts of the US, and we’re excited to bring it to Michigan. So if you have 1 or more dumpsters, please call us for your free demonstration today.

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save money

More Savings

Crushing your trash is a great way to save on hauling, fuel surcharges, and disposal costs.

save environment

Save Environment

We reduce greenhouse gas emissions by utilizing a non-toxic solution in our diesel-powered trucks.

save yourself from contracts

No Obligations

We do not bind you in a contract like other dumpster compactor service companies.

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