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We provide an effective way to compact dumpster waste by up to 65% so you can save money on haul invoices. Along with reducing the dumpster volume, our mobile dumpster crushing service also reduces the time, money, and headache involved in organizing a filled dumpster. Contact us today to learn more about the crushing service and get a live demo.

save money

More Savings

Crushing your trash is a great way to save on hauling, fuel surcharges, and disposal costs.

save environment

Save Environment

We reduce greenhouse gas emissions by utilizing a non-toxic solution in our diesel-powered trucks.

save yourself from contracts

No Obligations

We do not bind you in a contract like other dumpster compactor service companies.

How Much You Can Save With Our Service

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* Above calculations are for demonstration purposes only and are estimate of potential savings.

We Compact Trash In 20 Minutes

We Can Help You Save Money

Most trash management companies do not compress trash or compact it because doing so would require more hauling and emptying, which would cut into their profits and due to this you wind up hauling empty space and paying for it.

We offer a better solution to deal with such situations. We don’t haul any trash, instead, we crush it and reduce up to 65% of the volume. This way, you can save on jobsite downtime, dumpster fees, and the environmental impact of multiple trash removals.

What to expect from our mobile dumpster crushing service:

  • Up to 56% reduction in dumpster fees
  • Reduced roll off dumpster volume up to 65%
  • Reduction in waste management hauls
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduction in job site downtime
  • Big savings + boosted profits
  • Satisfaction from knowing you’re saving time + money

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Before / After

flooring debris

Our Crusher In Action

Dumpster Crusher Videos

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Watch our crusher drum in action on a dumpster full of metal trash.

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Our crusher drum pulls pallets under the drum, crushing and shredding them in the process.

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Our bidirectional drum uses 3 tons of force to crush almost any type of trash.

How It Works

Just Three Easy Steps

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Book A Demo

Schedule a demo and we will show you how exactly dumpster crushing works in around 20 minutes.

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We will show up at your place and get the crushing done. If the results don’t feel good enough you can let us know!

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Crush and Save

You will be amazed to know that we have helped our customers save up to 70% by reducing their trash volume.

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A Better Way to Compact Trash

DIY Trash Compaction Can Damage Your Dumpsters and Equipment​

Companies often try to compact their dumpster trash themselves. The image on the left shows an example of why contractors need our Mobile Dumpster Crusher service. This roll-off dumpster was damaged by a contractor using an excavator or a lift to “tamper down” the contents! This is a great example of the problems caused by using the wrong tool for the job! This probably also damaged the contractor’s equipment!

We can help you safely compact your dumpster trash on-site by up to 65%. Get in touch with us for a demo and make a smarter choice for your waste management.

Costly DIY Trash Compaction Mistake
We help avoid such disasters.

Dumpster Crushing For All

Industries We Serve

Other use cases: Landscapers, Roofers, Truckers, and shipping, Laboratories, Property Managers, Apartment Managers, Commerce Centers for Retail, and Commercial Activities. Homeowners who want to save some money during remodeling or for large landscaping debris.

We Can Help You Save Money ~ We Compact Trash In 20 Minutes

Reach out to us and learn how you can substantially reduce project costs using our mobile dumpster crusher, and make waste and trash management much easier on your end.

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